l  32-bit DSP control, low noise and superior vibration performance

l  16 constant torque microstep setting, up to 200 microsteps

l  Smooth and accurate current control, High-speed output increased by 7%, effectively reduce motor heating

l  The highest pulse response frequency is 200KHZ

l  When the pulse stops over 250ms, the motor current is halved

l  Differential signal input, compatible with 5V/24V signals.

l  New single-double pulse function, single/double pulse function switching through shorting or disconnecting the internal terminals of the drive

l Optically isolated differential signal input, strong anti-interference ability

l Drive current is adjustable below 4.0A

l Voltage input range: DC20~50V

l With over voltage, under voltage etc. fault protection

l Small size, volume 118*76*33 (mm³), weight 0.3kg

l Suitable for 42/57/86mm(NEMA17/23/34) 2 phase open-loop stepper motors.

Typical Application:
Mainly used in medical equipment, dispensing machines, engraving machine, laser equipment, labeling machines, electronic equipment, advertising equipment and other automation equipments. Works particularly good in the expectations of low heat, small noise

YKE2405M is high performance digital step drive based on YAKO’s new 32-bit DSP technology. It’s designed for various models of two phase 57~86mm (NEMA 23~34) hybrid stepper motors which current are below 4A.

With servo-similar control circuit and superior software algorithm, YYKE2405M has superior performance in smoothness, noise and vibration. Smooth and accurate current control technology greatly reduces motor heat.

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Microstep SettingMicrostep Setting


Current SettingCurrent Setting

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