MCC-32E is an EtherCAT control card that controls the motion of 32-axis motors with a bus refresh cycle of 1ms. It comes with 1 auxiliary encoder input, 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs (including 4 high speed PWM outputs). With CAN, RS485 bus, expandable 512/256/128 input\output\AD\DA, support Basic multi-tasking programming, 6 tasks, 10 files, so that program developers can easily write programs. And in linear, circular and spiral interpolation, space arc, support speed preview, electronic gear, electronic cam, motion superposition, virtual main axis, hardware latch, comparison output and other functions, it is comparable to the pulse type controller. In addition, it provides 4 high-speed color-coded inputs, 1us measurement accuracy, and supports continuous latching. This control card adapted to various types of robots (Delta, SCARA) multi-axis group, multi-manipulator coordinated motion.

Typical Application:

Performance Motor shaft 32 axes
Pulse signal frequency range 10MHz
Encoder input frequency 10MHz
Pulse output + encoder input 1
Pulse + direction encoder input Support
Incremental encoder input (A+B) Support
EthertCAT interface Support
Built-in I/O 24VDC input 8
24VDC output 8
Color input 4
Color input accuracy 1us
Extended I/O Digital I/O points 512
12bit 0-10V analog input 256
12bit 0-10V analog output 128
Communications CAN 1
Program Basic Support
Number of programs 6
Number of tasks 10
PLC language Support
Robotic forward/backward kinematics Support
Configuration Support
G-code Expandable
Debugging software ZDevelop
Operating environment 0~45 ℃
Power requirement PCI power supply
Dimensions (width * height * depth) mm 158*88*20

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PMC100-ZDJ 制袋机控制器 PMC100-ZDJ