The MCN411P is a stand-alone controller that controls the motion of 4-axis motors. The pulse axis output mode supports direction/pulse or double pulse, supports encoder position measurement, and can be configured for handwheel input mode. 24 digital inputs and 12 digital outputs (with overcurrent protection). With CAN, RS485 bus, expandable 512/512/256/128 input\output\AD\DA, support Basic multi-tasking programming, 6 tasks, 10 files, so that program developers can easily write programs.
       MCN411P supports up to 12-axis linear interpolation, arbitrary circular interpolation, space arc, helical interpolation, electronic cam, electronic gear, synchronous follow-up, virtual axis setting, etc. Real-time motion control with optimized network communication protocol . Up to 256 MCN411P controllers can be linked simultaneously on a single computer.

Typical Application:



Performance Motor shaft 4 axes
Maximum number of extended axes 12 axes
Basic axis type Pulse output, all axes with encoder
Number of pulses 32
Encoder bits 32
Speed acceleration bits 32
Pulse highest frequency 10MHz
Number of motion buffers per axis 128
Array space 160000
Program space 2000KByte
FLASH  space 128MByte
Built-in I/O 24VDC input 24
24VDC output 12 (with overcurrent protection)
On-axis IO 1 input and 1 output/axis (in-axis output can only be enabled)
Extended I/O Digital I/O points 512 in 512 out
12bit 0-10V analog input 256
12bit 0-10V analog output 128
Communications RS232,RS485,RS422, Ethernet, U disk,CAN,
Basic Support
Program Number of programs 6
Number of tasks 10
PLC language Support
Robotic forward/backward kinematics Support
Configuration Support
G-code Expandable
Debugging software YKDevelop
Operating environment 0~45 ℃
Power requirement 24V DC input (within 10W power consumption, no need fan cooling)
Dimensions 205*134 mm

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PMC100-ZDJ 制袋机控制器 PMC100-ZDJ