Single Axis General Controller

Typical Application:
The control system can be mainly used for processing machinery, fixed length feeding, circumferential dispensing, automatic drilling, automatic punching, packaging machinery, cutting equipment and other single-axis or cylinder equipment.


Output pulse frequency range: 50Hz~70KHz;
A variety of user parameter, ranges: -9999999 to 9999999 +;
Support for floating-point calculations;
Precise control the position and speed of single-axis stepper/servo motor, control of input and output point switch signals, and friendly human-machine interface;
Replace PLC+ HMI control system, cost-effective.


Number of control axes: single axis;
LED display (192*64) and 24-button mechanical switch;
16 general input points and 8 general output points for logic control;
2-channel analog acquisition, which can accurately collect analog voltages in the range of 0~5V;
Large real-time storage space (32K bytes);
Software can be upgraded directly via U disk.

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