MCN421/ MCN420 is a 4-axis/8-axis Ethernet motion controller that communicates with the host computer via an Ethernet interface. Its core consists of ARM and FPGA for high-performance control operations. MCN420 offers 4 complete motor controls, pulse or analog, and encoder input. Each axis provides dedicated inputs (alarm, home, positive and negative limits), dedicated outputs (servo enable, alarm clear). In addition, it supports 4 pulse outputs and can control up to 8 axes (MCN421 only supports 4 axes).
     This product is equipped with a dynamic link library under Windows XP/Win7, which is convenient for customers to write their own application software. At the same time, it provides motion debugging software, which can demonstrate the function of this card, it can also be used to tests the operation of motion control cards, motors and drives and motion platforms.               

Typical Application:
Electronic manufacturing processing and testing equipment, placement machine, LED tape machine, beam splitter, spraying, AOI testing, cutting equipment, laser equipment, attaching machine, screen printing machine, dispensing machine, PCB boarding machine,


 Number of motor shaft  MCN420---8 axes   MCN421---4 axes 
 Encoder signal input number  4
 Control cycle  1ms(Not adjustable);
 Pulse output  Differential output (also single-ended output), frequency 0Hz ~ 4MHz;
 Encoder input signal frequency  After 4 frequency multiplier, the highest frequency is 16MHz; 
 Handwheel input signal  1 channel, the highest frequency is 500kHz;
 Pulse signal output maximum current  20mA(sink);
 Mechanical positive and negative limit input(±EL)  Positive and negative limit optocoupler isolation for each axis;
 Mechanical home signal input(ORG)  1 channel optocoupler isolation per axis;
 Servo alarm signal input port(ALM)  1 channel optocoupler isolation per axis;
 Servo ready signal input port(RDY)  1 channel optocoupler isolation per axis;
 Servo enable signal output port(SEVON)  1 channel optocoupler isolation per axis;
 General digital input ports  16-channel optocoupler isolation (expandable), RC filter input current 5 ~ 10mA; maximum response frequency 4kHz;
 General digital output ports  16-channel optocoupler isolation (expandable), open collector; drive current 1A, (5 ~ 24VDC, sink);
 Position Latch Input Port (LTC)  8 channels (general input mapping configuration);
 High-speed position comparison output port   4 channels (using 6-7 axis pulse direction output respectively);
 CAN-IO extension  Supports up to 12 CAN-IO expansion modules;
 Support multiple control card connections  16
 Motion characteristics  Speed curve: S-curve and trapezoidal curve; motion: fixed length motion, Jog motion, homing motion.  Interpolation (linear, circular, helical interpolations) motion, continuous trajectory movement of the buffer.  Supports shifting position in motion, supports pause and restart, supports immediate stop and smooth stop.
 Interpolation type  Immediate interpolation mode and buffer interpolation mode
 MCN420 software program supported operating systems  WindowsXP/Windows7/windows8/windows10 operating system
 MCN420 library supported programming language tools  Support VC++/C#/VC.Net/VB6.0/VB.NET/LabVIEW/Delphi etc
 Dimensions  195mm X 152mm

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