MCC1410C is a PCI-based pulsed motion control card that can control up to four stepper motors or servo motors. Its core is composed of FPGA single chip. With plug and play, hardware linear interpolation, S-type speed control curve and other functions. The position command can be output in single pulse (pulse + direction) or double pulse (CW pulse + CCW pulse).
     MCC1410C is an economical point motion control card with simple programming and multiple functions. It is widely used in semiconductor processing and testing equipment, electronic testing equipment, medical testing equipment, packaging equipment etc.
Typical Application:
High speed and high precision X-Y-Z motion platform control; PC platform machining center; Semiconductor processing and testing equipment, electronic testing equipment, medical testing equipment, packaging equipment.

1. This card is a highly integrated, high reliability universal four-axis motion control card;
2. It can control 1~4 axes stepper or servo motor, and linear interpolation of any 2~4;
3. With multi-card co-working, one PC can use up to 16 motion control cards at the same time to control 64 axis;
4. Hot plug and automatic addressing; select trapezoidal or S-shaped speed curve;

5. With immediate stop and deceleration stop function; multi-axis can start and stop at the same time; can change
speed during motion.

1. Each card can drive four axes, the maximum pulse output frequency is 2.4MHz;

2. With trapezoidal and S-shaped acceleration curves, the acceleration can be set separately;

3. Pulse signal: differential signal, common anode signal optional; pulse + direction mode, double pulse mode optional;

4. Each axis has independent: positive and negative limit points, positive and negative deceleration points and home signal input ports;

5. 32 input (IN), 27 outputs (OUT, maximum drive current 200mA), full photoelectric isolation;

6. Support Windows2000/XP/7 and other operating systems;

7. Support VB, VC, LABVIEW, C# and other development environments;

8. Working temperature: 0~55 °C, storage temperature: -20~70 °C, humidity: 5%~90%, no dew;

9. Terminal board size: 127mm X 90mm, expansion board size: 120mm X 105.7mm

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